The emergence of the current pandemic has affected a number of activities and paragliding in El Hierro is one of them, as this activity requires a number of elements, including concentration.
Through Tenerife Top Paragliding it will be possible to find out all the details related to this activity, the events that take place and other main aspects related to the division of the passion for this sport in El Hierro.

El Hierro Paragliding Rally
The El Hierro Paragliding Rally is a cultural event that has been held on the Canary Island of El Hierro since 1995 and gathers many specialists and paragliding enthusiasts.
It is an event where a large number of experienced paragliders gather to have a good time at altitude, enjoy their passion for paragliding and share different stories about paragliding.
However, due to the current pandemic sweeping the world, this event was cancelled in 2020, so paragliders can look forward to a new paragliding rally on El Hierro.
Events at the rally
Tandem Flight.
Since paragliding is one of the most popular sports on El Hierro, there are many events and this event is aimed at providing an opportunity to fly a paraglider with an experienced person.
Canary League Championship
A smaller event for those who have the necessary skills to participate in paragliding on El Hierro. It is held during the days that have passed since the beginning of the event.
Accuracy and Landing Championship
The accuracy of the pilot is important in this competition because it is not only about speed, but also about the accuracy of landing, considering both the position and the landing place.
Paraglider aerobatics exhibition
In order to present the sport in a more artistic form, a group of paraglider pilots will hold an event in which they will present possible thematic presentations of the sport.
Despite the fact that the current world situation has created problems, this rally will be held in October so that fans of the sport can enjoy the event that had to be postponed last year.
So if you are interested in paragliding in El Hierro, Tenerife Top Paragliding offers many details about this rally through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Vimeo and also through their WhatsApp (+34) 652594544 or through [email protected] and find all the details.

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