Sport and health always go hand in hand, and a healthy lifestyle includes practising a sport. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of physical problems. Going to the gym to get rid of as much adrenaline as possible is one of the best things you can do for your body.

No matter how you remember it, no matter what it was like, it was certainly not for better or for worse. That reconstruction we did is always a bit skewed compared to what it was.
Usually the things that happen to us are very ordinary and vulgar, but we give more, more weeds to things. What I want to say is that I find it very disturbing that, with a few exceptions, everything is a hit that the microphone has hit to see, except in very specific cases.

I will now tell you a story, a story of effort, sacrifice and triumph.
My older brother, who is three years older than me and is now 32, was a normal kid until one day in May, I don’t remember which year, but he was 16, when a car ran over him and hit him, leaving him paralysed for the rest of his life.

My brother is a typical role model, a man who has overcome adversity and is doing the best he can despite all his problems. His motivation is in sport, he is a warrior to the death, he works himself to exhaustion and still gets back on his feet and keeps going, going and going. His records are becoming increasingly relevant and he has heightened motivation to compete in the Paralympics.
He won two competitions this month and received a scholarship for sports equipment and travel, so he is happy with his life. here at
The people at were great and provided him with sports equipment worth much more than the grant. For the first time in his life, he is professionally equipped.
The road will be tough, he knows this, but his will to live, his desire to get better every day, is the fuel that gives him this huge boost. Every hour he spends is a gift to him, and it’s a gift to the whole family to see him so motivated.
My motivation is very different to his, but I am also full of adrenaline to accompany him in all the records we will break together.

Toni de Gea is much better in my opinion, I don’t want to underestimate that bread and Unai Simon or anyone else, I don’t know who was the third goalkeeper, Naiki Simon, no, I don’t know how important he will be because I don’t think he will play in the second game either, so I don’t think Pepa will play in this call up. we change the sport or we continue a bit more with the national team that has a game soon or we go to the second game and we already said that, I guess, so he will not play with bad and just in case, I do not know what else we talk about selection and also the case of lady with bad and it was with the Spanish national team was ridiculous, because he was called to the Mali national team and at the moment he is It was quite strange if you want to go to tennis last week ended the Cincinnati Masters which incidentally was not played in Cincinnati West not very lively favourites did not make much noise but big names because they were there at the end and not the team struggled you went for me the biggest disappointment can – I do not know how I can make it better. I don’t know for you the favourite gets lost pretty quickly not great level of Bautista and Djokovic if that’s true and in case you forgot you but I don’t wear the truth is Raonic had it enough Australian Segovia when he made moves and well
Where Bautista started the first set 64 quad Djokovic and in the third they got to a tie-break and I unfortunately 70 Bautista I think we all expect a bit more from him this free and I don’t know you.s match you set match definitely Sandro
But another match too good and the tie-break was most gone because they come as you say, the last impressive breaks cetco went to the others and then broke it 53 but that Ivan and Bautista lifted the match and then because you expect a bit more in the tie-break.
Strong at this point in the stretch and shows why and the final was won with ease, will affect Bautista’s morale I don’t know if you see it that way.

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